English Speaking Union

English Speaking Union

English Speaking Union

Aziz Memon is President English Speaking Union of Pakistan. The mission of the ESUP is to create harmony between different countries and to promote international understanding and human achievement through the English language.


The ESU is a non-political organization, working with people regardless of nationality and background, and from all walks of life. Our vision is to provide communications skills, confidence and opportunities to engage in an exchange of ideas and opinions. We believe that good communication and cultural exchange is essential to individual, community and global development and understanding.

Next year we are also organizing a big International event in Pakistan inviting participants from all over the world.

English-Speaking Union annually runs an international Public Speaking Competition, which was founded in 1981 and is run annually by the English Speaking Union to promote both cultural enlightenment & education through the English language. This year its 28th Competition was held 73 students from 42 countries gathered to compete in this Competition.

School and university students from Pakistan and around the world, who have won prestigious national public speaking competitions in their own country, participated in the English-Speaking Union & International Public Speaking Completion in London in a week-long programme of events, culminating in the competition to claim the Grand Final Prize. Our Regional Competition is held
before annual event in London, and ESUP undertakes to arrange for two Air Fare Return tickets send the winner and runner-up to London.

The annual Competition not only showcases the highest standard of public speaking by young people from around the world, but also gives the students, an opportunity to understand each other& backgrounds and cultures.