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Aziz Memon calls on Abdul Aziz Memon

Aziz Memon calls on Abdul Aziz Memon

Two of the top leaders of the Memon community, Aziz Memon and Abdul Aziz Memon, had a meeting in Karachi on November 10, vowing to work with even greater zeal in future in order to accomplish the mutual cherished goals.

Aziz Memon, President of the United Memon Jamat of Pakistan, called on Abdul Aziz Memon, President, All Pakistan Memon Federation, at the Memon Federation House and both of them, being key members of the World Memon Organization, expressed the eagerness to expedite the intensity of social services.

Aziz Memon, having become a legend in his own lifetime for being generous in the aspects of giving and sharing, lavishly praised Abdul Aziz Memon, on verge of completing his fourth term as President of the All Pakistan Memon Federation, for having worked tirelessly for the cause of the community in particular and the people of Pakistan in general.

Being one of those philanthropists having made Pakistan proud with his notable humanitarian services, Aziz Memon wished the 66-year-old Abdul Aziz Memon, a former parliamentarian, the very best of luck in the next year’s general elections.

Aziz Memon, a renowned entrepreneur, has also been the Chairman of the Cutchi Memon Markazi Jamat.

He was conferred the most prestigious Pride of Performance award by the President of Pakistan on March 23, 2011 in recognition of his community and humanitarian services particularly in health sector.

Abdul Aziz Memon, who was elected as the Secretary General of the UBL Labour Employees Federation of Pakistan in 1979 before being elected as the President of the All Pakistan Memon Federation in 1980, has also been an active politician having joined the Pakistan Peoples Party in 1969.

He had won the National Assembly seat in the 1993 general elections. He was later appointed as Chairman of the Labour Task Force of Pakistan with the status of Minister of State.

He has also established his own charitable trust for the welfare of masses in the memory of his loving parents for extending the financial and material assistance to needy families to help them meet their domestic needs irrespective of their cast and creed.